Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend!  We had two events in La Crosse, Wisconsin this past Saturday.  We arrived around 10a.  We went to the first event.  I haven’t seen these relatives for a while, so it was great to see everyone.  Since COVID, we have had limited social gatherings.  This meant that we haven’t seen some folks since March 2020.  It was a celebration for my little cousin, who was born premature and therefore spent a long time in the NICU.  She is a miracle child.  I remember seeing her when she was born and now seeing her running all over, it is indeed a miracle.  We socialized until about noon then headed to the second event.  The weather was also crazy as it was a mix of rain, sun, and clouds throughout the day.

The second event was a wedding. It was a sizable crowd, and I hadn’t seen most of these people since COVID hit. The pandemic has changed so much of our lives. However, it was a joyous celebration as a young couple who had just graduated from college were starting a new life together. Witnessing young people embark on their marriage adventure is always exciting. It’s like watching spring and rebirth in action.

Finally, we left for Madison around 5pm.  We plan to visit with my daughter.  The drive to Madison was a mix of rain and snow.  That stretch of I94 between Tomah and Madison is just annoying because of traffic or road construction.  On this trip, it was a combination of both in addition to the weather.  Thankfully, we made it to Madison by 7:30pm.  

On Sunday morning, the news was filled with a winter storm warning for central Wisconsin. Worried about getting stuck there, we managed to finish our tasks and hit the road by noon. I drove through Tomah and the weather was the typical mix of rain and snow. It always seems to be unpredictable between Tomah and Eau Claire whenever I make this drive. The drive from Tomah to Hudson was snowy, but miraculously the snow had stopped by the time we’d gotten home. It began snowing later that evening, just another April snowstorm in Minnesota.